BeerFest and Other Happenings

Hey y’all,

Just checking in to say hey and to tell everyone what a great time I had last weekend at First Friday and during the weekend. Let’s see we had Russ Thompson, one of my personal favorites serenading us during the beginning of the evening and then the Windsor Oaks band rocked the house during late night. Whew, all those boys know how to get the ladies dancing, I would say it was the alcohol doing it but everyone knows the Woody’s ladies love a man who can play an instrument and sing. When I sing they just scurry away, this deep moose voice isn’t all that it used to be back in oh Canada. But with all the excitement inside, there was just as much going on outside. From my post I saw some crazy dance off’s to the M80’s jams and everyone sitting outside seemed to be having a grand time enjoying the beautiful spring weather. But all the fun didn’t end on Friday, I was happy to watch basketball all night Saturday, I must admit I was very happy the games were late Saturday so I could have time to recover from Friday night, but who would have thought that match up would have happened!? Although, I did pick Louisville to be in the championship, thank goodness I wasn’t too black out when filling out my bracket, like I said in an earlier post for a while I couldn’t remember what I was thinking with all the upsets that happened. But even though Louisville won Michigan played amazingly and I even I found myself yelling “GO BLUE” a few times. However, basketball is now over and while I am sad I am excited about baseball, being able to devout my full attention to the fans that we have come in to watch the games with me throughout the course of the day. We have so many Phillies, Braves, Mets, Pirates, Yankees, Cardinals, and Nationals fans I have to be glued to all the T.V.’s throughout the season so I can talk when y’all stop by to see me. I don’t want to say who my team is, which is why I now sport an Atlantic Beach ball cap, I wouldn’t want one of y’all to think I was bias against your team, that would be horrible and you may not stop by and see me for one of our many upcoming events. So don’t forget upcoming this week we have our weekly keg tapping Wednesday the 10th at 7pm for NC Beer Month, we’re hosting two local’s that we love Aviator and Big Boss. Aviator will be featuring their High Voltage brew, a pale ale, and Big Boss is showcasing The Countess, a fruit beer that is perfect for the season. Thursday as always we’ll have Big Slow Tom’s trivia at 7pm and Krazy Karaoke at 11pm. Friday and Saturday we’ll have live music starting at 10pm, Adam Pitts rocking the house on Friday and Acoustic Manner making the crowd move on Saturday. Also, Saturday is the World of Beer Beerfest, although it’s held in Moore’s Square we’ll have a beer tent set up outside for you stop by and have another the Aviator High Voltage and another rotating keg throughout the day. With all the fun happenings coming up I sure hope you’ll stop by and see me, I promise as always all your secrets are safe with me!




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