Happy New Year from Herman!

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Hey y’all,

I know it’s been a few weeks since my last post but with all the holiday excitement going on around here I just didn’t have time to write. Christmas just flew by and New Years was so much fun. I must say those of us who were here on New Years Eve definitely left 2012 and welcomed 2013 with a bang! We had an awesome DJ who kept the excitement up even after the ball fell at midnight. It was especially fun for me to look out and see everyone trying to dance, still laughing even when they fell. Moreover, it was exciting to see all the love in the air as everyone seemed to find someone to kiss at midnight, no worries all of your secrets are safe with me! But as we welcome 2013 I just want to let y’all know of a few exciting events we have coming up in January. Tomorrow evening at 7 pm we have a Goose Island Tap Takeover where we’ll be featuring 4 of their brews- 312, Honkers Ale, IPA, and Mild Winter all for $3.5. If you can’t make it to tomorrows tapping but are still crazy about beer-we here at Woody’s certainly are, no worries we will be hosting a Boulevard Tapping on the 23rd at 7 pm at which time we will be tapping 6 specialty brews. Also, in the music arena we will be hosting a few of our favorite past employees in the upcoming Friday’s beginning at 10 pm. Rachel Koontz and her trio will be performing on the 11th and Russ Thompson will be serenading the masses on the 18th. We have so many great events coming up make so make sure to check out the rest of the website to stay updated! I also wish to thank everyone for a great 2012 and can’t wait to spend 2013 keeping all your secrets safe.



First Weekend of the New Year!

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If you are out and about this weekend you need to stop by your favorite neighborhood tavern! First Friday is here Russ Thompson will be playing starting at 6 p.m., followed by the very talented Adam Pitts! We will have with us on Saturday DJ Joel starting at 10 p.m. Don’t forget to come both Saturday and Sunday to catch the Wild Card Playoff games! Then join us on Monday Night for the BCS Championship bowl game while enjoying a $2.50 local draft! Hope to see all your beautiful faces at some point this weekend!

Woody’s Family

Herman G. Moose Here…

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Hello Woodys friends,

I hope everyone had a great time at our Toys For Tots event a couple of weeks ago! I must say from where I was hanging you could tell it was a much better turn out than last year. We had so many generous people in here donating not only toys, but cash too for the kids! Now I have Christmas and New Years to look forward to and I will be all alone Christmas day, but if you want to join me Christmas night we will be open at 6pm! I know New Years Eve will be crazy with bowl games on all day and then the party that night! If you are out you should join me with no cover and local drafts for $2.50, who could ask for more! I hope to see everyone this holiday season! Talk to you again in 2013! Happy Holidays!

Herman G. Moose!

Moose Blog

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Hey Woody’s Family-

This is your friendly moose on the wall. While I know most of you…and your secrets I would like to introduce myself formally for the first time. My name is Herman G. Moose, those that know me best just call me H.G. though, we like to be informal around Woody’s @ City Market. I’ve been a fixture on this wall and a part of the Wood family since it’s beginnings down here in Moore Square. I love spending everyday here at the Wood watching over all the employees and wonderful regulars that come in day in and day out but I must admit we are coming into my favorite time of year…Christmas time! I hope y’all have noticed how festive the place has become and even how snazzy my horn bows are, I must admit they are much lighter than the bras you used to hang from my horns and my Santa hat. The Santa hat makes me sad because I once auditioned to be one of Santa’s reindeer but I was too bottom heavy-chubbymoose problems. I thought the saying was when pigs fly but Santa was having nothin’ to do with moose flying. I even rented wings. But anyway, with the holiday spirit creeping around all in the air let me tell y’all about an event happening on December 5th, a Toys for Tots Christmas Tap Takeover. You see last year the Woody’s family started a great tradition of collecting donations for Toys for Tots and then to celebrate the collection process hosting a holiday tap takeover featuring all the delicious brews of the season. Oh my goodness seeing everyone last year was so much fun! The girls all wore tacky sweaters, the beers were flowing, and the cheer was beyond belief. We collected so many toys and all of our favorite regulars were here making it the social highlight of the year. Since then I’ve been sitting up here watching everyone enjoy New Years, spring, and summer festivities just anxiously awaiting the moment the donation box arrives and lo and behold it has and I couldn’t be more excited! However, since the arrival of the collection box I’ve seen the beginnings of tacky sweater season and felt the beginnings of Christmas cheer but I haven’t seen many toys being dropped into the huge box. The emptiness sadness me. This is why it’s so important for you to come visit me once again on December 5th at 7 pm for the Second Annual Toys for Tots Tap Takeover, if you happen to stop by and donate you will receive a gift from the Woody’s family. But that’s enough from me this week, it’s been so nice introducing myself to y’all after all these years. I can’t wait to see you soon and share all the exciting events to come. I promise all your secrets are safe with me.

Love- H.G. Moose