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Hey y’all,
It’s H.G. again, just letting y’all know I survived the snowpocalypse of 2013! I must say you southerners are quite crazy when it comes to the threat of snow, fleeing to the grocery stores instead of the bar is a foreign concept to me. Back when I used to live in Canada we would have continuous snow for days on end and look I survived and I still look good, maybe my face was just frozen into this beautiful pose. Oh Canada, how I miss thee…this isn’t to say I don’t love being a part of the Woody’s family, I just miss the snow and ice and hockey. But wait, I just remembered, we ARE having a hockey season this year and I’m in the perfect spot to view all of my favorite teams. You see Woody’s is a downtown sports headquarters. We always show the best games starting this Saturday night we will be showing the opener for the Hurricanes who are playing the Florida Panthers. This should be an easy win since it NEVER snows in Florida and our Caniac fans are some of the best in the Triangle! Also, don’t forget we have the best of College Basketball continuously showing. I know some of you Wolfpack fans are upset over the painstaking loss against Maryland last Wednesday but hey, you’re only playing Clemson on Sunday and I’m sure you’ll do great! Heel fans be prepared this Saturday for the Maryland game, it should be a good one to watch and should get you ready for the big game against the Wolfpack next Saturday evening- the 26th. For the Blue Devil fans out there we’ll have the Miami game playing this upcoming Wednesday the 23rd, and since you’re doing so well we have a special treat that evening a Boulevard Tap Takeover beginning at 7pm. We will be featuring six of their delicious beers for $3.50 a piece and we’re also offering a flight special for $5.50 so you can try them all. You can find more details on the Woody’s Event page or check it out on The Facebook. I’m telling you this isn’t an event you want to miss. As always, we will be featuring great live music in the upcoming weekends beginning this weekend with a few of our personal favorites, Russ Thompson on Friday and Acoustic Manner on Saturday evening, starting at 10pm. Both groups know how to get the crowd moving and are a huge part of the Woody’s family. Next weekend we will be hosting the Windsor Oaks Band on Friday and D.J. Ian on Saturday evening. These guys know how to get the party started too and no worries if you’re unsure of your dance moves we have plenty of daily drink specials to help loosen those bones up. I don’t mean to brag but we also have some of the best craft beer in downtown Raleigh- I just want to say if you haven’t tried the Deuces Wild by local Big Boss Brewery you should! I had one the other night and wooooooo I almost fell from my post I was lovin it so good. But with all the happenings this weekend and next, my beloved hockey season starting, College Basketball getting into full swing, delicious beer tappings, and moving music I just want to say how excited I am to see everyone. Look for me up on the wall and maybe if you’re lucky you can snag a picture with me! Until next time…your secrets are safe with me

H.G. Moose

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