Come See Me

Hey y’all-

Herman here just filling you in on all the excitement from last weekend and to remind you of all the happenings coming up. We made it through another First Friday and boy were we busy! Russ Thompson serenaded the crowd early, opening up for Garland Mason and David Healy who continued to entertain all evening. Saturday was eventful as ever with big triangle games on all day. Congrats to the Heels and Blue Devil fans on their victories over Virginia Tech and Florida State. Wolfpack fans don’t be discouraged, I shed a few tears from my post when Miami made that last play. So much so, the people sitting underneath me gave me a Moose hug- I don’t believe in bear hugs. But that’s all in the past we have plenty of basketball and hockey to watch this week, with UNC taking on Wake Forest at 7 pm this Tuesday, and Miami this Saturday, the 9th at 2 pm. My beloved NCSU is taking on Duke this Thursday, the 7th at 9 pm, who hopefully, they will beat again, and then Clemson on Sunday the 10th at 1 pm. Duke fans get ready for the NCSU game, the Pack is coming and for Boston College on Sunday the 10th at 6 pm. Caniacs come early this Thursday the 7th for the Ottawa game, we have Big Slow Tom’s Trivia at 7 pm and it’s always a good time. Also, get ready for your rematch against the Flyers on Saturday, the 9th. They may have gotten the best of us last weekend but not again this week! I plan to be an exceptionally happy Moose all weekend as my teams work their way to victories. Also, thanks to everyone who made it out for the Superbowl on Sunday, I must tell ya, when Beyonce hit the stage I couldn’t help but dance, to bad her body is too bootylicious and her rump knocked the power out. In addition, to all the games we also have a lot of stuff going on throughout the week you should mark your calendars for. Let’s see, on Tuesday’s we have Big Slow Tom’s Trivia starting at 6:30 pm, with Trashy Trivia around 10 pm. Your mind no matter how intelligent or dirty is a terrible thing to waste. On Wednesday’s we host a weekly keg tapping, which is always nice for you to come in and have the chance to try a new beer at a discounted price…$3.5 for a pint! This Wednesday we’ll be featuring Unibroue’s Blanche de Chambly. Thursday starts our weekend here with Trivia at 7 pm, and karaoke at 10 pm. I love seeing everyone sing and dance and enjoy our great drink specials. Honestly, Thursday is my favorite night of the week for the fact it gets so crazy in here. Friday and Saturday we always host music you jive to. This week we’ll have Adam Pitts rockin’ the stage and the crowd and Nick Driver making us move beginning at 10 pm both nights. But that’s all from me now, I do hope you can come out soon and see me, I enjoy seeing all of you and keeping your dirtiest secrets safe.


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