I survived St. Patrick’s Day @ Woody’s

Hey y’all,

Just letting you know that I survived the Irish madness last weekend and hope y’all found yourselves safe! With the ACC tournament last week I had soooooo much fun watching all the games. I’m definitely proud of the Pack for making it as far as they did; the Heels surprised me the most showing that they are a relatively good team-sorry still bitter over their last win over the Pack, and Duke, well I guess they were just resting up for the big NCAA tournament. But even with all the excitement of the games happening, it couldn’t top the High Holiday, that’s right St. Patrick’s Day. With the parade on Saturday it was fun to see everyone out and about in their finest of green. I loved looking out into the crowd and seeing crazy Guinness hats, flashing earrings, green pants, leprechaun eyebrows, and shamrock stickers everywhere. For a little while I almost wished I was Irish instead of Canadian, but then I remembered how awesome I am at hockey and how my poor liver would never survive, the Irish truly are gifted drinkers! It was like watching a marathon but instead of running everyone was downing pints and shots. Oh I almost forgot my favorite part of the entire weekend was seeing the Wake District Pipes and Drums perform both Saturday and Sunday. Did they ever know how to get a crowd started, and I have seen my fair share of performers on the Woody’s stage. Some of the ladies even jumped on stage with them and started doing one of my favorite moves…THE MOOSE!  It was absolutely amazing! But unfortunately, the weekend is over but that doesn’t mean this weekend won’t be as much fun. With the NCAA going on we’ll have plenty of games to watch, with all the boys from the triangle playing Friday. I can’t wait to cheer them on and see how far my beloved Pack goes, hopefully further than any Ram or Blue Devil. In addition to the games, there’s a Lonerider event going on in Moore Square Saturday night from 5-11 pm. It should be exciting as we plan to have a number of new delicious brews for everyone to try out while hanging out around the Square. Also, Wednesday we’ll have our weekly keg tapping at 7pm where we’ll be featuring  Ballast Point’s Longfin Lager for only $3.5, it truly is a deal. With all that is going on I hope everyone has recovered from the past crazy weekend and will stop by and see me this weekend sometime for more grand times. Until I see y’all again, all your secrets are safe with me.




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