March Madness is FINALLY Here!

Hello all,

Just dropping a line to make sure everyone is as excited as I am about the upcoming week. Not only is it St. Patrick’s Day, which I love because it’s one of the day’s of the year that I get to see almost everyone I know and make new friends. But it’s also the ACC Tournament! I’m so excited to see how the teams do and to finally, see whose going to the NCAA tournament and whose playing in the NIT games. I truly hope NCSU finds the luck of the Irish early on Thursday as they take on Virginia Tech. I feel pretty confident but you never know. As far as tobacco road basketball goes, last Saturday was heartbreaking. Not only did my beloved Wolfpack fall short to Florida State, I had to spend the rest of the night sulking around a bunch of Tarheel’s and Blue Devils. Blah. Good thing I always keep a box of ┬ákleenex close by to throw at them. With that I hope everyone has a great week and prepares for the madness of this weekend. Don’t forget to come see me sometime, we’ll have all the games on and great drink specials. Also, y’all don’t forget to sign up on facebook to our NCAA Tournament bracket to enter for a chance to win a $250 gift certificate. With that kind of loot you could buy enough shots to have a few of your friends bebopping around the bar also baseball season comes into full swing. But this old moose is getting well rested for tonight’s trivia and trashy trivia, I can’t wait to see y’all this weekend!



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