Missing You

Hey y’all-

H.G. here again and boy have I been busy! Let’s see if I can fill y’all in on everything that’s been going on here at City Market. So to start with we had our Boulevard Tapping last Wednesday and I must thank everyone who made it out to try one or all six of the brews we had to offer. Then I combated the reign of ice that came down upon us last Friday and shut the city down. Like I said last time…you southerners. Although, it was fun to watch ya’ll slip and slide across the cobblestone, heck I couldn’t tell if you were drunk or just having a ball on the ice. My weekend continued strong with a full Saturday of sports all the games were eventful but I must tell ya it was great to see everyone here for the big NCSU vs UNC game! It’s one of my favorite games of the year and again all I have to say is GOOOOOO PACK! But no worries if you didn’t come hangout with us last weekend we have plenty going on this weekend. Friday is First Friday and it’s always a fun time in here. Russ Thompson is entertaining during dinner and Garland Mason and David Healy are keeping the beat alive the rest of the night. We’ll have all the games on Saturday beginning with UNC playing Virginia Tech at 12pm. Duke is matching up against Florida State at 2pm and my beloved NCSU is taking on Miami at 4pm. Later that evening I hope to see my devoted Caniac fans out cheering against the Flyers at 7pm. After all the games stick around and jam with us, we’re hosting the Porch Crickets-a band native to Myrtle Beach Saturday night beginning at 10pm and they always know how to keep the crowd going. But the party doesn’t stop Saturday night, come by and watch the Superbowl with us on Sunday, we’ll have .50 wings from 12-9, $2.25 Domestics, $3 Mimosas, Bloody Mary’s, and Maria’s, a $100 cash giveaway, and lots of fun! I’m so excited for this weekend and for the upcoming weeks, mark your calendars we are tapping Unibroue Blanche de Chambly next Wednesday the 6th. We’re hosting Adam Pitts- a great local artist on the 8th, and Nick Driver is playing on the 9th. With so much going on around town I hope you’ll stop by and see me here in City Market sometime soon!


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