Oh Winter

Hey ya’ll,

H.G. just checking in to tell ya’ll what a great weekend I had. I had so much fun swaying to the beats of Russ Thompson and Q Jones on Friday night. They truly are amazing artists and always put me in the best of moods. Also, I loved seeing an epic NCSU win over Virginia Tech last Saturday- I must admit I was a little nervous when we went into over time but shewww did they pull it out! Congrats to the Heels on their win over Virginia and sorry for all the Blue Devil fans out there for the devastating loss against Maryland. After a full day of games it was nice to see everyone out celebrating and to hear D.J. Ian on the turntables. I wish I could dance more but I wouldn’t want to fall from my post- unless of course there’s an attractive lady under me. Sorry too many Sexual Chocolates have me being a bit moosey. Oh I almost forgot to tell you! We just tapped Foothills Sexual Chocolate and whew it is as delicious as ever! We also tapped New Holland’s Hopivore which is a great IPA, sure to get you in the mood for spring. But if you missed me last weekend no worries you can stop by this week and enjoy one of the many happenings we are hosting here at City Market. Let’s see, we have Big Slow Tom’s trivia on Tuesday at 6:30 pm and again on Thursday starting at 7 pm. Also, on Tuesday NCSU is matching up against Florida State at 7 pm and UNC is taking on Georgia Tech at 9 pm. Also, don’t forgot about Trashy Trivia beginning around 10 pm- I always say a dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste. On Wednesday night we are tapping 21st Amendments Marooned Over Hog Island which will be $3.5 all night. Thursday in addition to trivia, Duke is matching up against Virginia Tech at 9 pm, and we will be having karaoke- which is one of my favorite events- as soon as the game is over. On Friday, Pete Fredrick is rocking the house starting at 10 pm. Saturday is the big match up between NCSU and UNC at 4 pm- we all know it’s going to be a good one, I bought a box of Kleenex to throw out to all those Carolina fans after they lose or dry my own sorrows if something crazy happens. That night we’re hosting another one of my favorites, Acoustic Manner and doing a Natty Greene’s promotion. Come out to support a great local band and brewery starting at 10 pm! Well that’s all from me this time. I must go commence to pre-gaming for the State game. Gooooo Pack! I hope to see ya’ll soon, as always your secrets are safe with me!


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