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Herman here, just checking in to see how everyone is doing after surviving St. Patrick’s Day! Whew, like I said in my last post it sure was fun to see everyone out and about that weekend and to hear the sweet, sweet sound of the bagpipes. But I must admit I’m sure glad it’s over.  After all the excitement of the weekend I happily filled out my NCAA bracket and I must say I hope I was drunker than I remember being when I filled it out! With all the upsets that have happened I have no idea who’s going to be declared the tournament winner this year. I mean Florida Gulf Coast Is definitely giving everyone a run for their money…literally. Hopefully, someone will be the grand winner of our $250 gift certificate. With March coming to an end I guess I should tell you about some of the exciting events we have coming up in April. You see, April is North Carolina Beer Month and to honor this we will be tapping a number of North Carolina brews throughout the course of the month, mainly during our weekly keg tapping’s, held on Wednesday nights at 7pm. The first one will be held on April 3rd, when we will be tapping Highland Cold Mountain and Green Man IPA, both of which are delicious brews made in the western part of this great state. The 5th is First Friday so don’t hesitate to stop in and enjoy the sounds of Russ Thompson during Happy Hour and the Windsor Oaks band beginning at 10pm. The M80’s an 80’s cover band will be performing out on the cobblestone that evening around 7pm as well, so you can always stop by and see one of the lovely ladies running our beer tent before you venture inside. Moreover, the NCAA finals are that weekend, the 6th-8th so if you can’t make it earlier in the week definitely stop by to watch the games! Well that’s pretty much it for the next week or so, so I definitely hope to see ya sometime soon. Until next time all your secrets are safe with me, and oh I almost forgot- have a Happy Easter!




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